Ok this page is up for revision, interpretation and shenanigans AT ANY TIME.

General Rules:

0. DM’S WORD. IS. LAW. This has no room for interpretation, this rule will NOT ever change. DM’s decision is FINAL.

  1. Always respect rule 0.
  2. Keep it in character guys! Seriously. I will not tolerate Meta gaming.
  3. Player Knowledge DOES NOT equal Character knowledge, not even slightly. This goes back to the meta gaming thing.
  4. If you have a question or something else that can only be asked OOC, write it on a note and pass it to me or get on here and message me.
  5. Be Respectful. Don’t be an ass. Example: If you don’t think what a player is doing makes sense, or if you think it’s dumb then ask them why they’re doing that and etc.
  6. If you do something that one of the other players or I think is evil, all players will voice their opinion. If a majority of the group believes what you have done is decidedly evil then you will accumulate 1 (one) strike. Upon getting three (3) strikes your alignment will be shifted down to evil.

Combat Rules:

  1. Projectile weapons (excluding ammunition) are not simply gone once you use them, unless the DM says otherwise. You recover your thrown weapons at the end of the encounter, or you can retrieve your weapon during combat (See PH1, Ch 9, pg 289)
  2. Rerolls are allowed, but under VERY specific circumstances.
  3. Drawing or Stowing a weapon is a minor action. which means that to put one weapon away and to draw another in a single turn you MUST use 2(two) minor actions.
  4. Knowledge checks are free actions, BUT MUST BE REQUESTED.
  5. The type of action (Standard, move, free, minor) a skill check requires vary depending on what you do.
  6. You may get rewards for creative thinking.
  7. The environment is dynamic. Your success may cripple your enemies. Your failures may get your sword stuck into the ancient stone masonry inside a dungeon.

Other Rules:

  1. Some Skill checks and challenges may depend more than just rolling dice. Example: if you’re trying to be diplomatic or rally some troops, you’re going to have to actually talk
  2. Again keep it in character, try and immerse yourself as well as you can. Maybe initiate some around the campfire bonding sessions. Go out into a new city, browse around, make friends with shop owners and etc. It may just benefit you .
  4. This is a bit of a more specific rule. If you’re shopping for weapons and you’re looking for a specific shape or blade type (Single edged, double edged, etc.) or whatever. ask the shopkeeper or blacksmith/weaponsmith.
    #Minotaurs do NOT have udders.


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